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Gutter clearance is crucial to building maintenance

As we have substantial experience working with Property Management firms, as well as clients directly, we know all too well the problems that can be caused by blocked guttering.

Blocked guttering is a major cause of both internal water ingress, and lasting damage to the exterior of properties due to the excess water that has nowhere else to go.

However, clearing the guttering at properties is often ignored, mainly due to the large costs that can be associated with it. With current Health and Safety regulations regarding working at heights, multiple engineers and/or scaffolding can be required, inflating the cost of dealing with the problem.

We have the answer…

Luckily C2 have the solution. We have state of the art gutter clearance machines that mean our engineers can see into, scrape and clear all of your guttering without leaving the ground. The machine includes and camera that records what is in the gutter before and after it is cleared giving you complete clarity on the works carried out.

However big or small the guttering on your property, you can benefit from our economic solution to blockages occurring. We can complete a one off visit, or regular checks of your gutters. This could save the extra expense and hassle of water ingress or damage to the exterior of your property

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Gutter Clearance

With the experience that our contractors bring to the job, you can have full confidence in their advice and workmanship.

We can attend across the whole London area and beyond.

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