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Sometimes you just need a cheap option for those few odd jobs round the house that you don’t have either the time or expertise for. There is no point in calling an electrician to change a light bulb, or a carpenter to put up a shelf. That is why C2 can send out skilled handymen to complete 1, 2 or 20 jobs at your property all in the same visit. Many of our customers find this service extremely helpful as it is a cheaper option than a specialised contractor, and also gives them an option to solve 2 or 3 or more problems with one visit, meaning further savings.

We cover all jobs, large and small, private and commercial, with the skills needed for any job.

With the experience that our handymen bring to the job, you can have full confidence in their advice and workmanship.

We can attend across the whole London area and beyond.

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If you are not sure of the best way forward or you just need some advice on your problem, give us a call now on 08450 946 222 and we will happily advise on the best solution for you, and arrange a fast response if necessary.

Our rates are some of the most competitive in London so let us quote for your job.